Gastric Botox in Turkey

Gastric Botox is an endoscopically applied method that is administered with the help of the anesthesia team within 15 minutes while you are asleep, and you can return to your normal routine the same day. No hospitalization, stitches or medical dressings are required. The goal is for you to lose weight in a healthy and easy way, with the assistance of a nutritionist.

Some people having extra weight or obesity can reduce the weight with the aid of gastric Botox. However, there are some conditions, if having them, you will be a better candidate for this treatment:

  • You have never lost weight using weight loss diet or by physical exercises
  • You have no problem or illness relating to stomach like gastritis or ulcers
  • Your BMI (Body Mass Index) is between 25 to 30

Why the proper BMI for Gastric Botox should be under 40?

Because the amount of weight loss is little by this method as a result those with BMI above 40 have excessive overweight which can only reduce a little of it. People with BMI between 35 to 40 should act with the aid of an elite weight-loss surgeon.

What are the risks and consequences of Gastric Botox?

Botox, individually, is used as an applicable medical treatment for years but in case of injecting it to the stomach, little experiment has been done and is considered a new method. Generally, if Botox is injected for beauty purposes by a trained specialist to qualified people in appropriate dosage, can eliminate many problems without any consequences. About injection of it to stomach, if it is performed by a well-trained and experienced specialist, we can expect no consequences.

There has been reported no severe consequences for Gastric Botox so far. However, in medical references some insignificant sicknesses have been mentioned as the effects of it which are:

  • Nausea
  • Vomit
  • Headache
  • Light Stomach-ache and flatulence
  • Tissue harm because of overdose or wrong injection
  • Stomach piercing

Additionally, this treatment is not recommended to those having allergy to Botox or having muscular problems because they may experience sever consequences.

Is gastric Botox really led to weight loss?

Except gastric sleeve, which will be definitely led to weight loss with fast significant signs, no other method can be claimed to have 100% weight loss result. Gastric Botox is one of those, too.

Specialists believe that Botox will help you a lot to reduce your appetite nevertheless if you consumed a lot of carbohydrate in your meals, the failure probability would be high.

How and where Botox is used?

This treatment is no way a surgical operation and is done with the least invasion, without any cut and thru endoscopic instrument.

For Gastric Botox treatment the following steps are proceeded:

  • The patient is anesthetized
  • Endoscope is guided to esophagus and stomach via the mouth
  • The Botox is injected at the pre-determined points

This process takes 20 minutes by average and does not need to be hospitalized. The patient is under medical supervision for 1 to 2 hours and can go home afterwards.

Does Botox injection have permanent effect on several muscles of stomach?

No, this treatment is short and temporary. It is expected that the effect is gone after maximum 6 months, so there will be no permanent effect on the stomach.

When the signs of treatment begin?

The signs of treatment are seen 2 or 3 days after the injection. The patient feels hungry more but gets full soon. However, the weight loss begins after two weeks.

Does Botox affect the nerve and intestine cells?

As Botox is only injected to stomach muscles it does not have any influence on ambient neurons or intestine cells. Thus, those suffering from intestinal laziness should not be worried about Botox injection.

Is Botox injected to pregnant and feeding women?

However, no experiment has been done about pregnant and feeding women it is preferred not to inject Botox into them because botulism poison may harm to mother or the fetus.

How much is the weight loss after Gastric Botox?

The candidates of this treatment can expect to lose 5 to 10 % of their excessive weight. If everything goes well, we can expect up to 15 % loss of the excessive weight.

It is necessary to mention that the weight loss period after the treatment is 3 to 6 months. Additionally, the amount of weight loss is not the same for everybody and is varied due to age, metabolism and physical activity.

how are the after-injection cares?

Although this treatment can help to your weight loss you should not expect a miracle from it. You, yourself, have to change your own lifestyle and take a healthier diet including physical exercises.

For example, you should not eat fatty or carbohydrate foods like fast foods, much. You can make the best from your gastric Botox treatment when eat healthy and do physical activities. The other recommendations and instructions will be briefed by your doctor upon injection.

What is the primmest point after the injection of Botox?

The people using Botox for their stomach get less hungry. So, with lighter meals they easily get full. This is almost the most important point about this treatment.

How much is the maximum weight loss using this method?

Optimistically, some patients can lose 15% of their excessive weights within 6 months using this method which is very low in comparison to weight loss surgeries with 80% successes.

Gastric Botox  in Turkey

Gastric Botox  in Turkey is available at Chic Clinic. For further information and guidance please contact our staff.

Gastric Botox in Turkey
Gastric Botox in Turkey
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