Bichectomy surgery aims to obtain sharper lines on the cheeks by removing the fat from the cheeks. It is a preferred esthetic surgery not only for women but also for men. Generally, Bichectomy esthetic is done with facelift surgery together.  

In some people, fatty tissue is developed more than normal in the cheek area. Sometimes you can notice more fatty tissue in slim people. This fat accumulation on the cheeks is resistant to elimination with diet and exercise and is often genetically inherited from parents. This fatty tissue, which causes a rounder face (apple cheeks), can be removed if desired, and it is possible to obtain a face with thinner and clearer lines.

As with all surgeries, it is necessary to stop taking aspirin and smoking 2 weeks before the surgery. In the last week before the surgery, the use of blood thinners and other similar substances should be stopped.

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