Breast Silicon

Breast augmentation surgeries are procedures that are performed to enlarge and enhance the breasts of women. During breast augmentation, breast implants are placed under the breast muscles. Thanks to such implants, breast circumference can be increased by one or more cup sizes. Today, breast augmentation is the most frequently performed procedure in plastic surgery.

With breast augmentation surgery, small breasts become fuller, larger and more esthetically perfect. Natural silicone materials, called implants, which are placed under the breast tissue, contribute to increase the breast volume. During breast augmentation surgery, silicones have no adverse effects on the body unless they are punctured and spread throughout the body. Of course, all surgical procedures pose a risk. People who have undergone breast augmentation surgery have increased self-confidence. If the person feels physically healthy and has realistic expectations of the procedure, they are an extremely suitable candidate for breast augmentation surgery.


There is a misconception that a woman who becomes pregnant after breast augmentation surgery must have her silicone implants removed. Yes, this is a misconception because breast implants are placed under the breast tissue during breast augmentation surgery. Since they are under the breast tissue, the milk ducts are not blocked. And since the milk ducts are not blocked, women can get pregnant and breastfeed without having to remove their silicone implants.

Research studies that have been conducted and discussed for years in the United States have shown that breast implants do not cause cancer. In addition, breast implants are not perceived by the body as foreign bodies. The outer surfaces of the implants are made of silicone. This makes these materials more resistant.

Normally we have two forms of breast silicones. Round and teardrop shapes. Mostly women are entitled to use the round form since it is more esthetic and make breast upper part more full. The teardrop form although can be used in younger girls or the ones which want very natural shape.

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