Jaw Line

Another Facial esthetic surgery is Jawline. The Jawline is not something most can improve on their own. Diet and exercise can help if you are overweight, but once you reach a healthy weight, there is little you can do to shape and contour the lower jaw.

What are the causes of a blurred jawline? Many factors can contribute, but aging and genetics are two of the most common we see in our plastic surgery practice. Some patients are born with a weak chin or an undefined jawline. Other patients lose definition in the lower facial area as they age. Sagging skin and muscles and increasing fat deposits lead to the development of jaw or a double chin that hides a youthful profile.

Jawline surgery can also be done all along with Facelift surgery. Our clinic is conveniently located in Istanbul Turkey. If you want a surgical or non-surgical brow lift and blepharoplasty. To learn more about how we can help you achieve your ideal look, schedule a consultation with one of our experienced medical staff via WhatsApp or book your personal appointment now.

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