BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) or Gluteoplasty is a surgical procedure performed to tighten the buttocks and less commonly to make the buttocks less noticeable. The anatomy of the lower back, hip and buttocks is treated as a whole. The procedure to be performed is determined and a design suitable for the person’s body is created according to the anatomical factors.

The surgical procedures performed in BBL are liposuction-lipofilling, stretching and insertion of silicone implants. Generally, fat is harvested from the back, abdomen and lower back and then injected into the buttock region. However, if there is not enough fat, a second procedure is performed to augment the buttocks with silicone buttock implants.

BBL is performed under general anesthesia. The surgery usually lasts between 1 and 1.5 hours. After the surgery, the patient wears a special corset for 2 weeks. The patient can return to work as early as 7 days after the surgery. If BBL involves buttock implants, the surgery is performed under general anesthesia only. The surgery takes about 3 hours, and the patient must stay in the hospital overnight.

As recommended for all surgeries, you must stop smoking and taking aspirin, blood thinners and other similar substances just 2 weeks before the BBL surgery. You will need to take certain pain medications, including Apranax, Vermidon, Voltaren, etc.

If you need to take another painkiller, you can use Novalgin and Minoset. You should also avoid multivitamin pills, herbal products such as flaxseed, green tea, tomato seeds and cherry stems, and all weight loss products.

Since all sutures remain under the skin, it is not necessary to remove them. For the first two days, patients should not lie on their backs. After that, patients are allowed to sit and they can shower without any problems. After the first postoperative week, the patient can resume her normal life, but she must wait a month before heavy sports activities.

The buttock implants are noticeable at the beginning, but over time (about 2 months after the surgery) they are no longer felt. Then the patient feels the implants as if they were a part of her body.

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