Eyelid esthetics, i.e. blepharoplasty, is an esthetic surgical procedure on the eyelids that tightens the eye contour. Usually, after the age of 35 to 40, sagging, bags and wrinkles appear on the upper eyelids. This makes the person look sad and tired. To avoid this appearance, the excess skin on the eyelids is removed. In this way, the person gets a younger and more live appearance. Blepharoplasty surgeries are usually required after the age of 35. These esthetic procedures are associated with few surgical risks. For hereditary reasons, some people have troublesome problems with their eyelids at a young age. In such people, blepharoplasty can be performed at a young age. Before blepharoplasty, the position of the eyebrows should be properly examined. If the person has drooping eyebrows, eyebrow lift surgery should be among the procedures to be considered.

Since the skin of the eyelids is the thinnest skin on our body, it is also the area that wrinkles most easily. Although it is possible to temporarily correct these wrinkles that appear around the eye contours with Botox injections, blepharoplasty should definitely be performed for a permanent solution. Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure that can be easily performed on anyone who has such wrinkles and deformities, at any age.


In blepharoplasty surgery, the excess tissue of the upper eyelid is removed using a simple method, and then the sutures are placed at the natural eyelid crease that is already present in that area. Similarly, if there is excess tissue in the lower eyelid, an incision is made just below the eyelashes, the fatty tissue is removed, and then the lower eyelid is closed. In short, the line created by the surgery will not be visible as it will remain directly under the eyelashes.

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