Gastric Sleeve surgery in Turkey

Those with excessive weight are always looking for reducing their weights. The best way is sport and healthy food diet, but after 6 months of sport and proper diet if they didn’t succeed, they would consult with a sleeve surgeon.

Among the several surgeries, the sleeve surgery in Turkey concluding to stomach volume loss and finally appetite loss, is the most common and popular one.

In gastric sleeve 75% to 80% of the patients’ stomachs will be cut off, so we can say this surgery is a non-returnable operation.

For sleeve surgery in Turkey the BMI of the patient should be over 30; in other words, the extremely fat people are eligible for this surgery.

In today’s world that physical activities in contrary to fast foods have noticeably decreased, we can witness a great rate of severe fatness in the society.

As obviously known, obesity is because of lack of physical activities and unhealthy food diet, resulting other risky problems and diseases.

Thus, people with excessive weight are looking for a way to decrease their weights. As previously said, the best way is sport and healthy food diet, but sometimes the fatness is beyond the borders of physical activity or nutrition diet forcing people to surgeries. And as above-mentioned, the gastric sleeve is the most common and popular among others.

If you like to know what Gastric Sleeve is, who are qualified to do it in Turkey and what are the side effects, please follow this paper to the end.


Gastric Sleeve surgery in Turkey
Gastric Sleeve surgery in Turkey

What is Gastric Sleeve?

Gastric sleeve is a losing surgery that the surgeon reduces the size of patient’s stomach.

On the contrary to Gastric Bypass which no part is removed from patient’s body, in this surgery 75 to 80 percent of patient’s is taken out, so we can say it is a non-returnable operation for treatment of sever fatness and related diseases.

Reason for gastric sleeve operation

As above mentioned, gastric sleeve surgery is required for those with extreme fatness that cannot be treated by physical activities and healthy diets. As you know sever obesity brings other diseases with its own, so eliminating this excessive weight is vital.

Operation decision

The decision of operation necessity for overweight people is the duty of the surgeon. The medical specialist considering the tests, risks of operation and patient’s health background determines whether this operation is appropriate for the patient or not.

Who can do Gastric Sleeve surgery in Turkey

You might ask yourself who this surgery is suitable for or what are the requirements of this operation? This operation is one of the options for those who were not able to lose their weight through sport and nutrition diet, but they have to have some special characteristics to be qualified for it. Below we will mention some of these characteristics:

BMI over 40: for this operation the candidate’s body mass index should be above 40; in other words, they should have extreme obesity.

High blood pressure or diabetics: if the patient has BMI between 33 to 39.5, but suffering from diabetics or high blood pressure, they are qualified for this kind of surgery.

Excessive weight of +45 kg: those with 45 kg or higher excessive weight are also good candidates for this operation.

Lack of addiction to drugs and alcohol: if the patient is not drugs or alcohol addict and is mentally and emotionally normal, can be treated by this surgery.

Neurotic and psychic fatness:

If the obesity is due to psychical illnesses, in other words, neurotic or psychic fatness, this operation can be done.

It is necessary to say that, for some people with BMI over 32, they can be operated with discrete of their medical specialists or our online gastric specialists, 24/7.

Gastric sleeve surgery approaches

The first operation approach is step to step. This method is formed for people with high Body Mass Indexes (BMIs) or those with lung and heart problems who can not be anesthetized for a long time. So, this surgery is completed by several serial operations.

The second approach is a two- step procedure which is used when the surgeon decides to switch from Bypass to Sleeve. The reason for this switching is that during the bypass operation the surgeon notices that the patient’s liver is too big or there is a vast scar tissue in their body resulting to long and unsafe bypass operation.

Bypass operation is almost always considered as a low-aggression way by laparoscope (a long thin pipe which is inserted to patient’s stomach) via a few small cuts. This pipe has a light, a tiny camera and some different instruments which are connected altogether.

Every day all over the world, many people attempt to lose their weights and many do surgeries for that. Celebrities are more cautious about their body fit.

Who sleeve surgery is not suitable for?

You might ask who are not capable of sleeve surgery. It is necessary to say that people with stomach reflux are recommended not to do this surgery. Those with excessive appetite and bad habit of eating all the day, are also not recommended to operate, because after surgery the stomach volume will extend again and the obesity comes back little by little.

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