Hollywood Smile

Smile Design also known as Hollywood Smile is the process in which the dentist covers all your teeth by zirconium, Emax or laminate. Normally an adult has 28 teeth totally in his upper and lower jaw (except wisdom teeth). So you can choose to cover them all or just 24 pieces or minimum 20 pieces. Since the teeth at the end of your mouth are not seen during your smile so it is not mandatory to make all the 28 teeth. Like this you can economy in prices and diminish the final cost.

Smile Design is a procedure that allows a specific smile to be created for the face through a combination of dentistry and art. First, a healthy smile is planned based on your personal requirements and your doctor’s recommendations.

The smile design is planned based on your age, gender, face shape, profession and character. The most important thing about Smile Design is that it restructures your smile while preserving your health and naturalness. When you begin Smile Design, the first step is to determine the geometric shape that fits your facial contours.

The anatomy of men and women is completely different. In women, the transitions of facial contours are softer, and the nasal hump and eyebrow arches are less pronounced. In men, the facial contours appear sharper and more prominent. The proportion of the forehead, nose and chin differs from that of women. In women, the corners of the teeth are softer, and the two teeth in the middle are longer than those on the sides.

There are also small gaps between the corners of adjacent teeth. In addition, the smile line has an upward curve. In males, the tooth lines are more pronounced and the adjacent teeth look flatter. In addition, the smile line in men has a lower curve than in women. Thanks to the smile design process, you can also get healthier teeth in every way.

The smile design should eliminate tooth discoloration, misalignment or position of one or more teeth, gaps caused by missing teeth, a mismatch between the number of visible teeth and gums, ensure that the gums are aligned as desired, and prevent mismatched tooth lengths in the gums and an aged appearance due to dips in the face and lips caused by missing teeth. Since all of these problems lead to a detrimental effect on the patient’s esthetic appearance, they should be eliminated with a smile design.

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