Fox Eye

Another facial surgery is Fox-eye surgery that makes the look more attractive by pulling up the eyebrow and eye. The fox eye esthetic surgery is also called “Cat eye esthetics” because it has a more slanted eye structure that resembles the almond and fox eye structure. The application of the fox eye esthetic, which makes your eye structure stand out even more and be stretched, is performed by local or general anesthesia. With Fox Eyes eyebrows will be lifted after esthetic surgery, you will get a more esthetic appearance, almond-shaped, oblique and symmetrical eye structure.

Fox eye application, which is not a complicated operation is among the most popular surgeries in the facial part. Before the operation, the area of application is anesthetized with a local anesthetic. After the area is anesthetized, the eye is pulled up from the middle part of the eyebrows and around the eyes with special surgical threads. After the Fox eye application, which lasts 30-45 minutes, no traces are visible and you can effectively treat your eye wrinkles.

Fox eye or Cat eye or Almond eye surgery can be done by sewing corners of eyes or puling up from inside the hair.

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