Arm Lipo

Liposuction on the arms can be performed on men and women who are in good health but struggle with localized fat deposits on the upper arms. Liposuction on the arms involves treating both arms, and only the upper arms, not the lower arms. Our surgeons specialize in removing the optimal amount of fat to ensure fat reduction with natural-looking results, as most women naturally have a small layer of fat on their arms that should be preserved.

The procedure begins with the administration of a local anesthetic in the treatment area so that the area is numb but you remain awake. A few tiny incisions are made and the cannula is passed through them to liquefy the fat and suction it out. The resulting scars, if any, are very small and fade with time. Very often, liposuction on the arms is combined with liposuction on the back to make the upper half of the body slimmer and more proportional.

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