Rhinoplasty is coming from the word Rhino which has a top tipped nose – Esthetic nose surgery is an operation to reshape the nose. This surgery is the most commonly used among others. Esthetic rhinoplasty can make your nose smaller or finer, change the shape of the tip or belt of your nose, reduce the width of your nostrils, or change the angle between your nose and upper lip.

It can also correct congenital or injury-related deformities or fix some breathing problems. Before you decide to have surgery, ask yourself why you want to undergo surgery and what you want to get out of the procedure, and discuss this with your surgeon. The most appropriate patients for rhinoplasty are not those who strive for perfection, but those who are expected to improve their appearance and improve themselves.

We have first time Rhinoplasty which is easier and second time (Revision) which is harder and takes longer time. Sometimes in revisions Rhinoplasties the surgeon has to take cartilage from ribs or ear. In that case surgery price will be more.

As with all surgeries, it is necessary to stop taking aspirin and smoking 2 weeks before the surgery. In the last week before the surgery, the use of blood thinners and other similar substances should be stopped.

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