Gastric Balloon in Turkey

Gastric Balloon in Turkey is a weight loss procedure in which a balloon filled with saline is inserted into the stomach to suppress appetite and drastically reduce food intake. Also known as endoscopic gastric balloon, this procedure is one of the methods currently used to combat obesity.

There are different types of silicone balloons used for this procedure, including a single silicone balloon, two interconnected silicone balloons, and a single adjustable silicone balloon. In addition to saline, most of these balloons also contain the dye methylene blue, which turns urine green.

The gastric balloon is loosely considered part of bariatric surgery or weight loss surgery. It is usually indicated for people with a body mass index of 25 or more. When combined with exercise and a proper diet, it can lead to significant weight loss.

Generally 6 months to 1 year after the Gastric Balloon the patient has to take it out and already he will be a new person with new eating habit.

Gastric Balloon in Turkey
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