Six Pack

For a muscular look created in the abdominal region, abdominal etching is preferred. You do not have to give up an abdominal muscle even if you lack the time for regular exercise and proper diet. Abdominal six-pack surgery makes people look fitter and provides a permanent muscular appearance. This plastic surgery, performed with modern technology, takes into account the patient’s wishes and creates a more attractive and athletic appearance.

Six-pack abdominal surgery is suitable for people who want to look healthier, fitter and more athletic. Esthetic abdominal surgery shapes the body and helps patients feel more confident. During this surgery, fat tissue is injected into the desired areas of the abdominal muscles. In this way, the patient gets a six-pack.

No implants or protheses are used in the six-pack surgery. The muscular appearance is created entirely with Vaser liposuction and the patient’s own fat. The patient’s regional excess fat is removed and added to the abdominal muscles. Six-pack abdominal surgery can be used on both men and women.

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